White Label Facebook Ads Agency- Its Benefit of Hiring

For White Label Facebook Ads agency, Facebook marketing is one of the major sources of revenue and lead generation for businesses with almost 1.56 billion daily users (potential customers). And with huge number of users spanning across various demographics, it completely makes sense to marketing services on Facebook- the world’s largest social networking platform.

What is a white label Facebook Ads agency?

A white label Facebook ads agency provides Facebook marketing services for other agencies, businesses, or individual consultants without taking the credit for those services. Simply put, your clients would never know that their work is being executed by a third agency, and they will appreciate and reward your agency for the superior quality services provided by the white label agency. Sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s how a premier white label digital marketing agency works. Their main aim is to satisfy your customers on your behalf and under your brand name.

Facebook Ads Agency

Benefits of Facebook ads

  • Your customers are using Facebook
  • Your competitors are on Facebook
  • You can target the ideal buyer persona 
  • Fast promotion for your client’s agency
  • Increased brand awareness for your client’s business
  • Facebook ads allure traffic to your client’s website
  • Facebook ads have a lower cost per acquisition
  • Facebook ads are an appealing way to attract quality leads

Advantages of White label Facebook advertising agency

1. Maximize revenues for you and your clients

A white label agency will manage the entire Facebook marketing of your clients to bring out more traffic and revenues. As a result, your customers will be impressed by your agency and that will bring more business for you as well as amplify your customer base. Your customers also might refer you to other clients because of the extraordinary services they received.

2. New client acquisitions

Since a white label Facebook ads agency takes care of everything, including the project onboarding, implementation, and sending reports, you can focus on further client acquisition for your agency to help you generate more revenues.

3. Easy onboarding process

Most white label agencies don’t involve recurring paperwork for the contract and getting started is hassle-free, convenient, and quick. All these attributes make partnering with a white label Facebook ad agency a seamless process.

4. Be updated about your client’s progress

While a white label Facebook marketing agency takes over the entire process in its hands, that doesn’t mean that you will have no idea about how things are going. You will get regular reports of your client’s growth and progress as well as their compliments about ‘your’ services.

5. Expands your portfolio

Partnering with a white label Fb marketing agency enables you to gain expertise without getting any actual training. It’s like having an in-house team of experts minus the overheads costs. This helps you to offer more services to your clients even if you don’t specialize in those services. (and you don’t have to, because a white label agency is always there for you).

6. Saves time

Imagine one of your clients comes to you for their Facebook marketing management task, but your agency doesn’t specialize in it. What will you do? You can’t train your staff as that will take considerable time. And your client won’t wait for that long. In such situations, hiring a white label Facebook ads agency can be your most profitable decision that you will never regret.

7. Saves overheads costs

Finding, interviewing, and hiring in-house Facebook marketing specialists is a time extensive and costly process. And since the world of digital marketing is so dynamic that new skills or attributes get added to it regularly, many digital marketing agencies don’t have the budget to hire and train staff for every new skill that has emerged. A white label Facebook ads agency is the apt solution for such situations.

8. Budget-friendly

Most white label Facebook advertising agencies provide flexible and budget-friendly pricing options for their customer agencies. You can select the pricing model that you can afford or you can discuss your preferences with them on how you want to pay.

9. Never say no to any opportunity

As discussed earlier, never say no to any client just because you don’t specialize in that service because a white label Facebook ads agency is there for you to handle your clients under your brand name. They do the work for your clients that enhances your agency’s brand value. 

Hiring a White label Facebook ads agency is like a blessing in disguise for your digital marketing agency. You get to work with Facebook advertising experts so you don’t have to worry about the quality of services being delivered to your clients, and they think that you are providing them with those expert services. At Ankita Mankotia, a leading white label digital marketing agency, your clients will get top-notch Facebook advertising services, and your agency will get more clients.