4 New Facebook Updates in 2022

This is the latest Facebook update for 2022!

It’s only a few months this year, and in 2022 there are already four new Facebook updates that will transform the way your business is marketed. 

So read till the end of this post for the latest Facebook updates and what to do about them to keep your Facebook marketing profitable.

Let’s jump right in!

4 New Facebook Updates For 2022

Facebook Update #1: Subscriptions for creators.

The first one on Facebook’s update list isn’t necessarily new. These were introduced in 2020. 

But to summarize what they are, Facebook says: 

“Consistent and predictable monthly revenue, easy identification of subscribers, and deeper connectivity with your audience. 

We would like to thank our viewers for choosing to add additional benefits as part of their subscription, such as subscriber-only life, special discounts, and subscriber-only groups.

Customize your supporter experience to stay true to your brand, style and community! “

Facebook updates 1

Now the update is three-fold:

a. Creators can now create and use personalized links to promote subscriptions.

b. Creators are gaining access to new metrics that will help them better understand:

  • how much they’re earning,
  • the source of each sale, and
  • an estimate of how much they’ll have to pay in taxes and fees.

c. Creators can now download email lists of new subscribers who have agreed to share this information. 

Now this one is huge, especially given all the iOS updates in the last year.

And that’s because this means you can take all of your subscribers who agree to share their email…

…and store their info in whatever email marketing software you use.

Thus, giving you access to contact them and market to them outside of the Facebook platform. 

So where Facebook now lacks in tracking, you can pick it back up by just downloading the email list of your subscribers.

All without having to pay for a lead generation campaign.

facebook updates

Facebook Update #2: Facebook removed a lot of detailed targeting options

If you’ve seen the 2022 Facebook Advertising Tips, you already know. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to read it next.

But what happened is that in January of this year Facebook began removing certain targeting options.

Facebook said “From January 19, 2022, detailed targeting options related to topics that people may find sensitive …
… to cause, organization, or public person. Related options, etc. ” , Race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation. “

Therefore, if your Facebook ad campaign was really successful in 2021, you may not have the same targeting options that made your ad successful.
Well, some of you may think, “Well, that doesn’t seem to apply to me.”

But keep in mind it’s not just 20 or 30 targeting options being removed, it’s thousands.

To clarify, Facebook further said:

“It is important to note that the interest targeting options we are removing are not based on people’s physical characteristics or personal attributes…

…but instead on things like people’s interactions with content on our platform.”

facebook updates 3

So an example they give is that you won’t be able to target people who have an interest in  “Lung cancer awareness” or “World Diabetes Day” anymore.

The volume of targeting options being removed is what’s raising alarm to business owners who depend on Facebook ads for sales. 

So if you’re a little concerned and don’t know what steps to take next, go read our Facebook ad tips post…

…because we tell you exactly what to do next given all the Facebook ad changes.

Facebook Update #3: Facebook is expanding consumers’ ad controls.

Facebook said, “Even after we update our targeting options, people may still see ad content they aren’t interested in…

…which is why we are also working to expand the control that allows people to choose to see fewer ads about certain types of content.”

Currently, Facebook users can choose to see fewer ads that are centered around politics, parenting, alcohol, and pets.

But Facebook said, “Early next year, we will be giving people control of more types of ad content, including gambling and weight loss, among others.”

So if your business falls into any of these industries, you will need to:

a. start figuring out how to navigate this in your advertising, and

b. possibly explore some other channels in addition to Facebook, if you’re not already, so that your eggs are not all in one basket. 

But we will say that if your business does fall into one of those industries, don’t freak out entirely – just yet.

Because if people are opting out of seeing ads like those, it’s honestly probably more helpful than not for your business.

And we said that because it’s ruling out unqualified people who were never going to convert anyway. 

Facebook Update #4: A change in Facebook ad use and cost.

You are now at the end of your Facebook update list. Therefore, this is a prediction and observation rather than an update itself. 

However, we include this because we believe it is important and may affect future advertising and how our business operates. 

For all iOS tracking updates, and therefore Facebook updates …

… Many business owners either completely withdraw Facebook’s advertising strategy or do everything with another strategy.
And another strategy means a Facebook-centric strategy. 

We’ll talk more about this in the Facebook Advertising Tips post above.

But basically, Facebook can track everything in the platform. Only all third-party tracking suddenly stopped with the iOS update.

This means, instead of sending people to your website to collect sales or leads…

…you can pivot your ad campaigns to collect leads within Facebook or have people check out natively within Facebook.

But like we said, not everybody is doing this.

Some people aren’t seeing the sales they want and instead of pivoting, they’re turning Facebook ads off altogether. 

And as a result, we’ve seen some fluctuation in Facebook advertising costs over the last year or so. 

However, the iOS update has been released for some time and I think the situation is a bit calm …


Now if you want our advice on how to handle all of these updates and proceed with your Facebook advertising…

…you can get in touch with our Facebook Ads Consultant today. 

But otherwise, that wraps up our 4 Facebook updates for 2022!