HVAC Facebook Ads: Suggestions To Consider in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential, especially when it comes to platforms like Facebook. As we step into 2023, the realm of HVAC Facebook Ads continues to offer exciting opportunities for businesses. 

HVAC Facebook ads offer intriguing benefits. Facebook allows you to target demographics uniquely that you can leverage specifically for your HVAC services.

To make the most out of your advertising efforts, it’s crucial to adapt to the latest trends and strategies. 

In this guide, we will explore key suggestions to consider when running HVAC Facebook Ads in 2023, ensuring that your campaigns are not only effective but also tailored to the dynamic market demands.

1. Embrace Video Content For HVAC Facebook Ads

In 2023, video content continues to dominate social media platforms, including Facebook. Utilize engaging videos to showcase your HVAC services, share customer testimonials, or provide helpful tips. Videos capture attention effectively, conveying your message in a visually appealing way, and are more likely to be shared, increasing your organic reach.

Video ads on Facebook can be beneficial as the medium is steadily taking over static ads. But you must be wise about the kinds of video ads you post on Facebook. We suggest including captions of anything that is being said in your advertisement because 85% of people watch video ads with the volume turned off. 

You may not need anyone speaking at all. Videos displaying infographics with narrative captioning and some affordable, public-domain music playing in the background can be very useful for getting your point across.

The best HVAC Facebook Ads examples incorporate a video that engages users while they scroll through the popular social media platform. Remember, users don’t log in to Facebook with the intention of buying things but will engage with content that entertains them.

Hvac Facebook ads video examples

2) Keep it Short

Did you know that Facebook allows you to create video ads that are as much as 240 minutes long? That’s a lot of creative freedom, but when was the last time you watched an ad that was longer than a movie? The best practice is to keep your video ads short. 

The American attention span is getting shorter almost every year. 

Nowadays, you can get your point across in just a few seconds without losing your target audience’s focus. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an excellent tool for creating cheap, short, and compelling HVAC Facebook ads. 

Short and concise Facebook Ads perform better for HVAC companies than long and complicated advertising.

Short HVAC Facebook ads

3. Prioritize Mobile-Friendly HVAC Facebook Ads

More than half the time, people watch Facebook video content on their phones. Nowadays, you must optimize every aspect of your online presence (your website, landing pages, etc.) for mobile.

The same goes for your static and video HVAC Facebook ads. Be aware that just because you have an ad that has been earning you many clicks on a desktop doesn’t mean that it will play well on mobile devices.

Usually, smaller file ads will work better for mobile users, but test all your Facebook ads on a mobile device. Most Facebook users access the social media platform from their mobile app, making optimizing smartphone ads imperative in 2023.

A seamless mobile experience not only enhances user engagement but also positively impacts your ad’s performance.

4) Use the Facebook Ads Manager App

The ads manager app is an excellent tool for any HVAC technician or contractor who doesn’t have much time to create Facebook ads. While you should always do your best to craft thoughtful and compelling ads, sometimes, what you need is the ability to put your ad ideas into practice from wherever you are.

The Facebook Ads Manager app comes in very handy. It allows you to create basic ads right from the app.

Within the app, you can create new ads, delete old ones, see how your current ones are performing, and manage your Facebook ads budget and payment. It even allows you to select a target market for your ads.

While some ad creation features still aren’t available on the mobile app, it’s still a convenient tool to have, just in case.

5) Conduct Simple A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method of gauging what is working in your ad campaign and what isn’t. You can easily and quickly apply this method to your HVAC Facebook ads. The A/B testing method entails making a small but definitive change in your current ad(s) and seeing how your audience responds. 

In the case of Facebook ads, you would see if the change you made increased the ad’s click-through rating or lowered it. It’s a great way to refine your current ads and make them more effective while figuring out what message, image, or font isn’t connecting with your target audience. 

Data reveals more than our cognitive bias ever can, so performing A/B tests on your HVAC Facebook Ads is critical to maximizing your ROI.

6. Focus on Interactive Ad Formats

Whether you are creating a static ad or a video Facebook ad, it can help take advantage of the templates they offer. Namely, the templates that allow you to choose the intent of your ads. For example, Facebook has templates for advertisements geared towards customer acquisition, selling products, and showcasing your business. 

For HVAC business owners, customer acquisition and business showcase ads would be the most effective. You may sell products like filters, but the chances are that’s not a massive part of your business. 

Facebook offers advertising templates proven to work within their algorithm. While crafting your own message is important, working from a template foundation gives you a major head start.

7) Make Lead Acquisition Easy

Facebook Lead Ads are another mobile-centric tip that can help you generate more leads. The fact is that people won’t become leads if the process is too hard. In terms of HVAC, becoming a lead usually entails providing a name, phone number, and email address or requesting further information about your services or a quote for services.

And for mobile users, doing all that from their phone can be a huge chore, and they may choose not to do it at all. But Facebook Lead Ads make it easy for people to fill out an instant, mobile-optimized form to divulge information that will qualify them as leads.

HVAC Facebook Ads speed up the nurturing process that normally takes place with traditional lead generation methods. Facebook delivers their contact information immediately.

HVAC Facebook Lead ads

8) Use Analytics

Analytics is where it gets a bit technical, and you may want to enlist some help. But if you can manage it on your own, Facebook Analytics provides powerful tools to help you define your target audiences and craft better ads. One of the most useful tools is called Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel allows you to attribute conversions back to actual Facebook ads, so you will know exactly how effective an ad is and whether or not it is making you money.

Facebook pixel


As you venture into the world of HVAC Facebook Ads in 2023, integrating these suggestions into your marketing strategy can significantly elevate your campaigns. 

By embracing video content, prioritizing mobile-friendliness, refining targeting techniques, incorporating interactive ad formats, leveraging Messenger ads, and continuously analyzing data, you can create highly effective and impactful advertising campaigns. Stay agile, adapt to emerging trends, and watch your HVAC business flourish in the digital realm.

Ready to take your HVAC Facebook Ads to the next level in 2023? Implement these suggestions, stay innovative, and witness your campaigns drive unparalleled success for your HVAC company.

Running a successful heating and cooling business goes well beyond Facebook ads for HVAC. We want to be of service if you need help managing your business’s marketing and advertising.