How To Run Facebook Ads For My Medical Spa

Facebook has evolved from being a place where you can connect with friends and families. It has become prime grounds for businesses to connect with leads and clients. Given that it’s the largest social network, Facebook is the best way to interact with leads and market your services to Medical spa audiences. 

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1. Learn How Facebook Ads Work

Before you can run Facebook ads for your medical spa, you need to understand how these ads work. That way, you can maximize all the possible options and match them with your marketing strategies. Don’t be in a rush to set up your account. Feel free to scroll through Facebook and see how ads are run online. By doing this, you can get a better idea of how to create effective campaigns for your medical spa.

2. Choose Your Objective

Take note that the objective you select has an effect on what options are available. Exposure types of objectives will require you to pay per traffic or view. While conversion based objectives will ask you to pay per action, such as sale or subscription. Here are some of the different objectives for you to choose from.

        a. Engagement

You choose this as your objective if you want to encourage people to engage with your business. It could Encourage people to claim a special offer, new service, or treatment

        b. Reach

This objective is all about getting your business out there to as many people as possible. Although it may seem untargeted, at least, when a person will one day be in need of your services, your business is the first thing that will come to mind.

        c. Brand Awareness

If you are a newcomer in the industry of medical spas, you choose this objective. It’s all about introducing your business to the market. 

        d. Lead Generation

Do you want to generate leads for your sales funnel? This is the objective that you should choose. It’s all about gathering enough people who will likely become your clients in the future.

        e. Conversions

Select this objective if you want people to take action. These actions may include booking an appointment or signing up for your newsletter. 

3. Key in Details in Your Ad Account

If you’ve done Facebook Advertising before, you would need to click Set Up Ad Account in Facebook Ads Manager. Fill out the details about your country, timezone, and preferred currency. Be careful because if you want to change details, you would have to create a new ad account. 

4. Set the Target Audience

In the ads manager, you can either choose Connections or Detailed Targeting. Choose Connections if you want to market your services to people who have already interacted with your business, such as your followers. In the same manner, Connections can help you to exclude people who already follow your page. That way, your ads will surely come up to new audiences only.

You can also choose Detailed Targeting if you want to market to people who meet specific criteria. Options include demographics, interests, and behaviors. For example, you can target your ads to people who are interested in permanent makeup or botox treatments.

5. Choose the Ad Placements

There are loads of ad types to choose from. You can explore all the types in the Facebook Ads Manager. For starters, here are a few recommendations you can experiment with. Remember that you don’t have to stick with one type. Instead, you can try out all these ad placements.

Image Ads

This type of ad looks like a regular Facebook post, except that you are boosting its exposure beyond your followers. For starters, this is a basic ad you can set up for your medspa.

Video Ads

If you opted for video ads, you can have them shown in Facebook feeds, between Stories, and within longer videos. You can add a short demo of the procedures you do in your medical spa. 

Video Poll Ads

It’s like a video poll ad but with an added interactive element. You can set options for your audience to choose from. For example, you can give options on what they want to physically achieve—youthful glow, enhanced features, and change in style. After an ad viewer clicks, the video poll ad would trigger and play a specific service you offer. 

Carousel Ads

These ads contain a maximum of 10 photos or videos that can feature your medical spa. You can use several images or get creative by having a panorama chopped in several images. 

Learning the best social media strategies for your medical spa is a winding path you have to endure. If you are seeking to get things done right the first time around, you can partner with trust social media managers. We have a reputation for supercharging social media campaigns of businesses like medical spas. With the team, you could maximize the power of creating connections through social networking sites like Facebook.