The housing industry has experienced unprecedented demand in recent years. This will also allow the roofing industry to grow rapidly. 

This demand, coupled with fluctuations in weather, only increases the need for reliable roofing companies. 

This may look like a perfect roof scenario, but there is a lot of competition in this type of business. This is where the canopy Facebook ad comes in. 

When a storm hits or the housing market recovers, roofing companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. But what does a Roofing Facebook ad look like? Can these ads help to stand out in a crowded market?

Why Roofing Facebook Ads for Roofers Work?

First, let’s talk about why Facebook advertising is an ideal marketing strategy for anyone who owns or sells a roofing business. Facebook advertising has many advantages, and these qualities make it a natural selection for the roofing industry. 

Of course, the power of Facebook cannot be denied. Most people know who Mark Zuckerberg is. By continuing to use Facebook, he will be enriched every day. It is still the world’s largest social media platform and has the potential to continue to maintain its advantage.

But as big as this mega platform, one of the most amazing things about it is how much you can drill down to find out who is checking the news feed every day. This allows business owners like you to dig deeper and target the right people. You don’t have to reach all
52.5 billion Facebook users. In fact, you only need to present your message to a selected number of people who are willing to be actively involved in your advertising. 

Many Facebook users are in perfect agreement with their target audience. Twenty-five percent of US users are in the 25-34 age group. Some people in this age group may have bought their first home, perhaps a fixer upper, and the new roof may be on the to-do list. 

But young adults aren’t the only ones flipping every day. The next largest age group is 35-44 years old, and about 18% of users fall into this age group. 

These are the heyday of home ownership and include current homeowners or people building dream homes that can damage the roof.

This is why the Facebook advertising canopy works so well. Talk to people who may need service at some point. Whether they need you now or later, Facebook ads lay the groundwork, so these homeowners know who to call when the time comes.

How to Get Started with Roofing Facebook Ads

If the idea of setting up a Roofing Facebook ad campaign sounds scary, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. There are several steps you can take in advance to make things as smooth as possible and get results.

1. Create a Clearly Defined Goal

The first step is to decide the goal of your campaign. Sure, we all want more customers, but you should get as specific as possible. 

When it involves roofing ads, there are a variety of goals you could be working towards, so you need to narrow it down to one per campaign.

Examples of goals for roofing Facebook ads might be:

  • Introduce your business to new homeowners in the local area
  • Show pictures of hail damage after a strong storm in the area
  • Educate homeowners on the dangers of an aging roof
  • Showing examples between metal roofing or shingles and why it matters

The goal becomes particularly important when you start to choose your campaign awareness goals as you set up your Roofing Facebook ads. If you know your goal upfront, it helps guide you as you make decisions regarding awareness and targeting.

2. Targeting the Right Audience With Facebook Ads

When launching a rooftop advertising campaign, it’s important to focus on the right audience. 

This is not the area where you want to make the “best guess” and leave it to chance. Instead, the more selective your target audience is, the more likely someone will be involved in your ad. 

Do you remember your goal? It feeds directly to your audience’s demographic selection. 

In most cases, your target audience will be homeowners such as:

  • Ages 40 to 65
  • Male and female
  • Interested in activities such as home improvement, home repair, and home maintenance

3. Create the Right Offer

When Facebook and Instagram users check their posts and news feeds, you need to do something to get their attention. 

It doesn’t mean adding random videos or posting photos to create a shocking effect. That means giving people a reason to stop and see your Roofing facebook ads. 

One way to do this is to use an offer. Give people a reason to pay attention to you. Make a noteworthy value proposition, whether it’s more information, funding, or maybe a free quote offer. 

Whatever you offer, you want it to be obvious. Make sure your audience immediately understands what your roofing company offers and what they need to do to take the next step. 

You can tell the next step in a simple phrase to see more details, send a message, or download a checklist.

Examples of Roofing Facebook Ads

Here are a few examples of effective ads that stand out for various reasons. 

1. Clearcut Offer

Roofing facebook offer

This ad works because the offer is obvious. In particular, the financing plan may be what sets this roofing company apart from others in the area. Better yet, the copy grabs your attention, and the offer is clearly spelled out.

2. The Clear Objective

This ad works because the picture clearly demonstrates the objective of the campaign — to show homeowners the difference a new roof can make with curb appeal. 

Plus, the next steps are clear as well. Someone simply needs to tap “learn more” to find out how to get started with zero money down.

3. Eye-Catching Graphics and Copy

This ad is effective because the message is simple, but the bold graphics stand out. The next steps are succinctly illustrated by encouraging the reader to download. It educates viewers, advertises them, and ultimately draws them into the business.

Other Best Practices for Roofing Facebook Ads

Besides setting goals, targeting the right audience, and creating the right offers, there are other best practices you must follow to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign.

Concise Copy

If you are running Facebook ads, don’t read them like English high school newspapers. Being concise and sensible will improve your ad performance. 

Think about how people manipulate these ads. They scroll and see pretty pictures of people they may or may not know. It takes a lot of time to get someone out of the news feed habit or check your messenger’s inbox. 

Your text should be noticeable and straight to the point.

High-Quality Images

The use of high quality images is now mandatory. The days when you could upload blurry photos from your iPhone 4 and avoid them are over. 

The best part is that there are a lot of resources to rely on for this and they are free. Designing ads using sites like Canva is one of our favorite tools. 

If you need stock photos, there are several websites for that, such as Unsplash and PicMonkey. You don’t have to spend a lot (if any), but you do need to upload high quality photos and videos.

Rely on Reviews

If you have positive Google or Facebook reviews, you should definitely use this in your copy. This helps build credibility with your audience, and it’s information someone could easily verify for themselves. 

There are lots of statistics supporting the power of good (and bad) reviews. So if you have positive ones, then don’t be afraid to share them. 

Make Sure Every Ad is Mobile-Friendly

Virtually everyone is glued to their smartphone at some point in the day. According to statistics, smartphone usage will only increase and Facebook and Instagram will continue to be displayed over the phone. 

With this in mind, it’s important to develop phone-ready, mobile-optimized ads. That means bright, eye-catching ads, very clean and concise text, and high-quality images. 

Mobile is no longer a retrofit. It’s now commonplace. Handle ads with a mobile-first attitude.

The Final Word on Roofing Facebook Ads

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your roofing business from many other businesses in the local market, Roofing Facebook Ads could be one of the best marketing tools. 

However, don’t forget to take the time to define clear campaign goals, identify the right audience, and put together a compelling offer before you go any further and start spending.

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