Google Ads for Real Estate In 2022

Today we are going to talk about how to set up Google ads for real estate. I will go through step-by-step the process We can easily generate nearly 100 leads per month for real estate business.

The platform has gotten easier to use over time. Today, once you learn how to set up your first campaign Google ads for real estate are fairly easy to manage over time and improve your conversions.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for “pay per click,” and it`s a type of digital marketing ad campaign. A PPC campaign is best suited for a real estate agent looking for high quality internet leads. These ads are paid, meaning that it is not an organic way of finding leads. A PPC ad works best when it comes to advertising in search engines. 

When a user enters a search term on any search engine, the search engine will have a list of sponsored links at the top. 

When that user clicks a sponsored link, the advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine. 

This is beneficial to the advertiser, in this case a real estate agent, because they only pay whenever a lead clicks on the ad. This is a cost effective way, especially for brand new agents, to get more leads from their real estate ads. You only pay for the most relevant web traffic, rather than paying for all of it. 

And if you make a sale or gain a client from the user clicking on your ad, then the fee to the platform was worth it in exchange for the business. 

PPC advertising can be used for all types of real estate businesses, including commercial real estate, real estate agents, and real estate investors.

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How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is probably the most popular way for real estate professionals to start PPC advertising. 

Google is the most used search engine and has a huge impact on the real estate industry. This is a popular tool for buyers and sellers to view transactions. Realtors in your area will achieve the best results in their advertising campaigns. 

Google Ads using PPC acts as a bidding system. Each user sets a bid for a particular keyword. 

Whenever a user searches for the term, Google’s algorithms basically determine which keywords to display to that user. This decision is about how well your landing page is set up and optimized for a clear user experience, how relevant your keywords are to your ad, the quality of the ad text itself, and Google’s ad quality score. 

This Quality Score is based on CTR, conversion rate, landing page design, and relevance to the keywords searched. 

But the most important thing is a keyword survey to create the perfect advertising campaign. The terminology your target audience is searching for changes over time, so the keyword search process should continue. 

Use the Keyword Survey tool to create a list of keywords that you might rank in your ad. Then go back and update this list at least monthly to make sure you’re most likely to reach your audience.

Set Up a New Campaign

Use your existing Google account or sign up for a new account. Be sure to utilize Google Adwords and not Adwords Express.

Search Network

I turn off the search and display network for my ads. I only want my Google ad to show up in the main feed when users search the exact terms I want them to. This gives me greater control of which audience I’m targeting and who responds to my ad.


Optimize your campaign for lead generation. This tells Google that the purpose of your ad is to convert traffic into leads. This allows Google to display ads to potential buyers who are most likely to fill out a website form.

Website Visits

Add your website in so Google can track if the goal of leads is reached. If you have a specific goal success page, use that instead of your root domain.

Campaigns by Zip Code

I like to do my campaigns by zip code. If you live in a small market and don’t have many searches for a particular zip code you can use the entire city or county name. Whichever is most relevant.

Setting Your budget

Use what is most comfortable for you. I typically see Google leads cost agents between $10-70 per lead. Usually the smaller the market the less expensive the leads cost. This will be sort of a trial and error thing. It also depends how well your landing page converts. If the site isn’t compelling enough, the cost per lead will be higher.


We run the following extensions. Google will only use one extension at a time. Google automatically determines which extension to run most often after experimenting with which ones improve the conversion of the ad.

Sitelink Extension

In my opinion, it’s the best extension. This is mandatory. Classify your zip code or market into smaller submarkets. I usually get more traffic and results from these sitelink extensions than the actual ad itself.

Callout Extensions

Similar to a Sitelink extension in that it shows up below your actual advertisement, however, they are not clickable. These just give the user more information about your services or what the ad promotes. These help increase the results of your main advertisement.

Call Extensions

This Google ad extension allows users to one-click call you. This is most likely the least effective extension for a real estate agent. However, when used it can be a quick and easy way to get high quality leads calling you.

Setup Ad Group

An ad group is a group of ads that you classify together. I usually set up ad groups by zip code. Within this ad group, you can create one or more ads with different headlines and descriptions to split your tests in the most effective way.


My keywords are usually in the form of “seller +78247” (without quotes). The plus sign ensures that the zip code is used exactly as it is written. However, if Google determines that your keyword is relevant, you can paraphrase real estate for sale.

I also like to use a specific zip code. This means that the user searching for that word is likely to be a quality lead who is truly looking for my service.

Creating the Ad

To create the most effective ad you will need to determine what your headline and description will be to get users to click your ad and where you’ll want to send them once they’ve clicked on it.

Final URL

This will take the user to the landing page. This landing page must be an IDX website that has a built-in lead capture form. This read capture form is automatically displayed after the user has displayed the properties for a certain period of time. There are many services that offer this type of website-kvCORE, Firepoint, BoomTown, Commissions INC. -To give just a few examples. 

Don’t just send the client to the root domain. Make sure they land on a page that gives the most relevant results based on what they are looking for. This keeps the bounce rate low. This means that users spend more time on the page before clicking.


Make sure you’re using the keywords you’re targeting in your headline to clarify what you’ll get if your viewer clicks on your ad. In this way, you will only receive leads that are truly interested in what you offer.

Display Path

Customize the display path so that it incorporates your keywords.


Give additional information about what the user will receive when they click on that link. The more clear you can be, the better.


Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate is a commonly used metric in advertising campaigns to measure effectiveness. It measures the ratio of the number of users who clicked a link on a page to the number of users who just viewed the page. 

Google AdWords will tell you exactly what your CTR is. Everything above 10% works fine. 5% is the average. If the value is less than 5%, you’ll need to revisit your ad title and description. 

Adjusting your ad copy based on the results of your campaign is important for improving your Google Ads quality score, and therefore has the ability to rank high on the first page of search engine results pages.

Traffic to Lead Ratio

Determine the amount of traffic required to generate a lead. In my example, I generated 270 clicks and 12 leads. That’s 4.4%, which is a good traffic-to-lead conversion rate. If so, consider changing your landing page and lead capture form. If you get better, praise you!

Lead to Client Ratio

Make sure you are tracking the conversion rate from lead  to close. This is the most important indicator. If you do not track this over a long period of time, you will not be able to measure your return on investment. It will take about 6 months to get meaningful data on this. Take 

 hours to create a structured real estate sales funnel that transforms leads  from the moment you visit your website.

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Should You Use Google Ads For Real Estate?

So are Google Real Estate Ads suitable for your business? Many new agents try PPC advertising on Google just to be discouraged by the results. 

It’s important to remember that the Google Advertising Campaign is a long-term strategy. Stick to it for at least a year before making a business plan and considering giving up. You can adjust your plan at any time and make changes to create an optimized strategy. 

And when you’re just getting started, it’s more effective to bid on more specific and smaller real estate keywords with less search volume. 

This helps you get higher ad positions in search engine results and get more leads to real estate websites. For example, creating the keyword “[your city] real Estate” will get more leads than choosing a more niche one, such as the city plus the agent’s name, team name, or even your own name. Will be much more difficult. name. 

Everything you can do to narrow it down will improve the results of your AdWords campaign. 

However, if you’re just starting out as a real estate agent, it’s best to tailor your real estate marketing to your circle of influence and referrals.

 The internet is a great place to find leads, but it shouldn’t be your main focus or a substitute for building relationships in the community.

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Best Practices for Internet Leads

The processing of internet reads is a bit different than reading from other sources. This is because we need a little more qualification to make sure that the leads from the internet are serious about buying and selling. 

First, make sure to call each lead within at least 5 minutes of signing up. If leads come in before or after working hours, be sure to call first when you start work the next day. 

Your voice must be what they hear first, otherwise they rush to the next available agent. 

The sooner you can contact them, the more likely they are to promise a promise and become a customer. 

Next, be sure to touch each wire 5 times on the first day. One-touch includes text messages, emails, and phone calls. This may seem daunting, but it’s very important to make an effort to get you on track. 

Obtaining new leads is an important part of their day, but for them you are only a small part of their day. Your lead may not remember you unless you strive to remember it. 

Obtaining leads on the phone is an important step to show that they are serious about working with you. When you get them over the phone, your chances of them making an appointment with you increase exponentially.

Google Ads for Real Estate Conclusion

 I always recommend just to start and get better over time. Don’t wait until you think you know everything.

Also, be sure to give enough time to each ad and funnel to truly determine the effectiveness. Too many agents shut ads off or give up before having enough data to see if it was the ad that wasn’t working or just too small of a target audience.

The ultimate goal is to get this completely dialed in so that you can start to build a scalable and consistent business. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a year or more before you see meaningful results. PPC advertising is a long-term strategy.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Google ads for real estate are a short-term solution. You can certainly have results right away but over time is where you’ll be most effective.

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