Facebook Ads For Realtors: Case Study

The main problem that Realtors have a tough job when it comes to marketing themselves. In most industries, you can easily separate yourself by pricing or unique features of your business. Certain business types, however (realtors included), are highly regulated and require different strategies for finding new clients.

With real estate, it’s 100% a relationship game. Nowadays homeowners can search Zillow or Trulia and find anything they want. They have more information than ever, which makes it even more difficult to stand out as a realtor.

They are real estate agents that strives to provide reasonable and sound advice for their clients.

As they are not the kind to be aggressive in their branding and messaging, it was difficult for us to find the sweet spot that attracts the customers or buyers.

In fact, we ran the campaign over a month and were still getting unfavourable results.


Cost per lead of $100+ despite a higher than average click-through-rate of 1% (39/3436 = 1.1%).

Fortunately, they understand the rigor required to get the momentum going.

We ventured further to test out a feature that our Facebook representative has been bugging us to try out.

Introducing Facebook Lead Ads

Under the Ad level of Facebook Ads Manager, we are able to create the look and feel of our ad by selecting our image/video, copy, headline, descriptions and call-to-actions (CTA).

Here’s the link for you to check out Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads here.

With Lead Form, Facebook allows the client  to enter their personal information such as name, phone, email, etc and they can even ask for other detaikls such as Price range, timeframe, etc.

An example of this means we can add more custom questions to get the best lead quality..

Facebook will then mix and match the components and show the different combinations to different people.

Dynamic creative accepts up to 10 images/videos, and 5 of each text asset (body text, title, description, CTA) Facebook uses big data of their platform to create personalised variations that each users would prefer.

Person A may get Image A + Copy A + Headline D + CTA B

Person B may get Image B + Copy A + Headline B + CTA B.

So how smart are the A.I. of Facebook now?

And here’s the result after using Dynamic Creative and Facebook lead ads…

A 633% increase in numbers of leads with just 57% increase in spending!

Of course, we immediately rammed up the spending within the first 2 days after we have seen positive results.

Still hesitating to trust the Facebook algorithm?

Why not set aside a small budget ($50) to test this feature?

Who knows, you might actually take your business to the next level with 633% more leads.


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