Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents – The 5 Best Examples

Facebook ads for real estate agents can achieve many objectives, including cost-effective marketing, generating more qualified leads, building your brand, expanding your audience reach, and increasing customer engagement and conversions. 

You can also use Facebook ads for remarketing if subsets of your audience were on the fence during your last campaign.

This guide to Facebook ads in real estate agents will help you build a blueprint for creating targeted, effective ads that drive more conversions, build loyal customers, and prove ROI. 

We’ll also share some of our favorite examples of Facebook ads to inspire you.

5 Things To Do Before Running Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Before you begin using Facebook ads, you must have a solid backbone for your advertising strategy. Here are five items to check off on your to-do list.

1. Identify Your Competitors

Who are your competitors? What advertising and marketing strategies do they use on Facebook and across social media? How much overlap exists between their target audience and yours?

You don’t want to repeat the same ad campaign your competitors have, as it will fail to have an impact on your target market. Instead, review what your competitors have done and strive to one-up them or redirect your efforts.

Facebook ads for real estate agents

2. Find Your Target Audience

Facebook ads for real estate agents must have a target audience. Perform audience segmentation if you haven’t recently, then create niche groups who will see your ads. 

For example, you might have one Facebook ad aimed at first-time homebuyers versus another for those buying a summer home.

3. Create a Website or Landing Page

Is your website ready to convert qualified leads into customers? If you’re unsure, rebuild and relaunch your website ahead of your Facebook advertising campaign. Add landing pages to the site.

We’ve compiled the top examples of website design in the industry. Here’s a roundup of 22 real estate websites, and this list spotlights 15 luxury real estate websites.

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4. Set Up Your Facebook Business Manager Account

You must begin using Facebook Business Manager ahead of launching your first ad campaign. This platform redirects all your marketing and advertising activities to one hub. 

You can also review your business data within your account and share data with third parties like partners or internally.

5. Create an Advertising Plan

Finally, you must have an advertising plan in place before launching your campaign. The plan should detail your campaign strategy, advertising budget, objectives to achieve, and a timeline.

The Best Strategies To Run Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

With the above pieces in place, you’re now ready to begin using Facebook ads for real estate agents. This section will provide an overview of the strategies to employ.

Brand Awareness

Facebook ads can create brand awareness for your real estate business through carousels, videos, images, or a combination of elements.

Branding ads can be introductory for new real estate agencies (or those only starting to use social media marketing) or focused on rebranding.

Brand awareness ads should be shown to a broader audience with a longer display frequency than other types of Facebook ads.

Brand Interaction

Another strategy real estate businesses must use when running Facebook ads is brand interactions. Interactions on social media include commenting on customer replies, liking a post or page, and sharing events.

Facebook ads for real estate

You can see above how major real estate brand Redfin shared four interior design photos and asked their audience to state their favorites. Redfin replied to users, validating their choices.

Frequent responses to audiences will drive loyalty and engagement.

Lead Generation

Facebook ads for real estate agents collect leads. Optimize this part of your social media advertising campaign by using preset Facebook forms and chatbots.


Your Facebook ads have begun generating leads. Next, you must convert them. 

A conversion ad will be most effective now that you’ve redesigned your website and created landing pages for your services.

Real estate agents use conversion ads all the time to drive traffic to their websites. 

The ads can feature properties for sale, as showcased above, that tantalize readers and followers in the hopes they’ll schedule a showing.

The Most Efficient Creatives Of Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Facebook ads for real estate agents can run the gamut, so here are five more exceptional examples of creatives to emulate.

Image of a Property

Real estate is a highly visual medium. Enticing potential customers begins with showcasing images of a property for sale.

Facebook ads for real estate agents

We selected this example from Zillow because it does more than display a home for sale using beauteous photos, a common tactic.

The image also features home pricing, the neighborhood, the name of the realtor selling the property (and a photo), and basic info about the property, including its square footage, number of bathrooms, and number of bedrooms.

This makes it easier for a Facebook user to determine if an ad like that is worth their click. If they’re looking for a property with two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and 1,250 square feet, as seen above, they’ll certainly click to learn more.

Even if they don’t find what they’re looking for through that ad, they might still feel inclined to check out Zillow’s Facebook presence to learn about other listings for sale.

Image of New Owners

Nothing conveys the excitement of the homebuying process more than the smiling faces of new homeowners.

Redfin posted this image on their Facebook. Although the photo itself is not technically an ad, it is a free advertisement.

The first-time homebuyers in the photo will surely share Redfin’s post on their social media, spreading brand awareness for the agency and the specific agent they worked with. That can generate new leads and business for Redfin.

Video of a Property with a Drone

Drones have entered the mainstream market, making consumer drones more readily available. As more commercial drone pilots get certified, they can take footage of homes that delight and enchant.

The angles and views a drone can capture of a property are unlike anything people can achieve. These video tours showcase the property in an alluring new light. Here’s a video to show you an example of what drones can do.

Contracting a drone pilot to take videos like this and then posting a portion of the video as a Facebook ad will surely drum up interest in a property for sale.

Video Interview of a Testimonial

Testimonials are a phenomenal form of social proof, with video testimonial resource Boast stating that more than 70 percent of consumers derive trust in a brand with positive testimonials.

Why write another text testimonial when you can get a glowing video testimonial from your customers instead? If your customers had a good buying or selling experience, they should be more than glad to share a testimonial like this one.


Video testimonials make among the best Facebook ads for real estate agents. Viewers can see the conviction on your customers’ faces and feel it in their words as they watch.

Since it takes considerably more time to record a video testimonial than to write one, you must make it worth your customers’ while. Perhaps they receive a VIP discount code or access to exclusive home services.

Want to see more Facebook ads for real estate? We have five more exceptional examples.

Video Tour of a Property

A drone tour isn’t your only option for showcasing the magic of a property for sale through the power of video. You can also take a standard video tour on foot using a smartphone or professional camera.

Here’s an example.

HubSpot reports that the average ROI for video marketing is 92 percent for the video marketers surveyed. You can use a video tour of a property for sale the same way you would a drone-captured video.

A video tour helps your customers put themselves in your shoes as you stroll through each room. They can envision themselves cooking in the gleaming kitchen, unwinding in the gorgeous bathroom, and sleeping in the master bedroom.

That will motivate them to click to your website and schedule a showing.

Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents – Best Practices

As you launch Facebook ads for real estate agents, bear these best practices in mind.

Wait to See the First Results

Facebook ad results don’t necessarily happen overnight. You should wait at least two days to begin seeing results. However, it doesn’t always mean your campaign failed if you still don’t see the needle moving much after two days.

In some instances, it could be up to a week before your campaign generates results.

Don’t Edit Your Campaign Often

Patience is critical once your Facebook ad campaign goes live. You should have taken the time to plan the ad format, audience, and reach carefully and methodically before launching the campaign.

You can go in and tweak a live campaign if warranted, but frequent meddling can muddle the message and reduce the campaign’s effectiveness.

Set an Adequate Budget

How much should your real estate agency spend on Facebook ads? The cost per mille or CPM of a Facebook ad is $14, states digital marketing resource Mayple. You’d need to have $7,000 set aside to reach 500,000 people with that CPM.

Your real estate agency knows what it can afford to spend for marketing and advertising. 

Set a budget that can reach your target market without overspending. Stick to your budget once your campaign goes live.

Facebook ads for real estate agents- Best practices

Aspire for a Reasonable CTR

Facebook ad campaigns generate an average click-through rate or CTR of 0.9 percent, reports LinkedIn. You should aim for a CTR of at least that rate or slightly higher.

However, be aware that your CTR goals might fall short if this is your first ad campaign or you change tact too significantly midway through.

Use Analytics

Tracking Facebook ads for real estate agents is a must.

Your campaign will begin generating data as soon as it goes live. The longer your ad campaign runs, the more metrics you’ll have to extrapolate, including CTR, CVR, website traffic, Facebook engagement, and sales.

The Facebook Ads Manager will produce reports for you within your account. These reports indicate where users see your ads, who sees them, and other performance metrics.

Hire A Digital Marketing Agency To Run Facebook Ads For Your Real Estate Agents

The best Facebook ads for real estate agents are targeted, have a clear objective, feature personalization, and drive traffic to an optimized, conversion-ready website.

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