Facebook Ad Leads: How to Successfully Convert Them

What To Do With Your Facebook Ad Leads?

You got a lot of leads from your lead generation campaign! 

Congratulations! What now? If you want to learn how to convert these leads to your customers, read on. 

We have run many lead generation campaigns online and learned a lot from trying to collect and convert those leads. 

We would like to share our tips to help you skip lines and get better returns faster (and cheaper).

Today, we’ve got a bunch of tips for converting those Facebook ad leads into customers.

Plus, other things you can do with the leads you generate on Facebook (like retargeting campaigns and group invites). 

Let’s get started!

Lead Generation Campaigns On Facebook

A lead generation campaign helps to build interest in a product, service, or experience your company offers.

Facebook Ad Leads

It also collects contact information for interested parties that you can use to reach out to them. 

Facebook Ad Leads campaigns cost a bit more than other objectives on Facebook.

But, they’re usually worth it because a lead is a more valuable interaction than a click or view. 

Here’s a look at CPC per objective for Facebook.

With proper targeting and clear goals, lead generation can be successful as part of Facebook’s advertising strategy. 

Let’s see how to use these. 

Why do I need to place an ad on Facebook? Some of these reasons are:

  1. The completion rate is higher, since users don’t have to leave FB to fill out the form.
  2. You can sync your CRM, so new Facebook ad leads info automatically gets to the teams who need it. 
  3. They’re easy to set up and customize; they show on Facebook and Instagram. 

4 Strategies On How To Use The Facebook Ad Leads For Conversions

Let’s look at some of the best strategies, ideas, and examples for converting these Facebook ad leads to clients or customers. 

As with digital marketing, these are not guaranteed to work. 

Facebook ads can be optimized to your liking … 

… But if the lead development and sales process isn’t good, or if your product or service isn’t perfect, the best ads in the world won’t help. .. you. 

Make sure you have a good business idea, good execution, and a smooth process.

And then, you can spend money on advertising.

  1. Engage Your Facebook Ad Leads with Retargeting Ads
  2. Get a Yes Early On to Get Warm Leads
  3. Invite Facebook Ad Leads to Your Facebook Group
  4. Convert Those Facebook Ad Leads with Video

1. Engage Your Facebook Ad Leads with Retargeting Ads

If you have a lead that hasn’t been involved with you since you entered their information …

… or if you haven’t contacted you for a while, use retargeting to remind you and get involved again. please.

You can retarget lapsed leads with anything, but it should be interesting and relevant to them.

Things that work really well are;

  • Direct invitations to buy (you can speak directly to their pain points relatively easily)
  • Discount codes
  • Special offers
  • Exclusive access or content

Make sure that you exclude anyone who has made a purchase. Let us show you how to do that quickly: 

  1. Go to Ads Manager and navigate to Audiences.
  2. Click “Create your audience”.
  3. Select Custom Audiences.
  4. Select Website Traffic as your source.
  5. You’re going to choose “People who visited specific pages” and enter the URL that folks see after they complete a purchase.

This usually includes a thank-you portion of the slug. 

  1. Name this audience and save it.
  2. Now, you can add this to your exclude list so your ads are only showing to people who haven’t made a purchase. 

We’re going to talk about what to do with your warm Facebook ad leads,

2. Get a Yes Early On to Get Warm Leads

When searching for leads, I want to turn cold leads into warm leads. 

And if you have a warm road, you will want to take care of it so that it doesn’t get cold again and doesn’t wander away from you. 

Many companies understand this, but you’ll find that they’ve been waiting too long to do it. 

It will be easier (and more likely) to agree to let people agree a little (to give you their email address … to buy the product) You may be familiar with the old selling idea of (expensive).

The problem is, leads get cold quickly.

So if you follow a lot of the advice online, you won’t reach back out to that contact to offer them something else for at least a couple of days.

And that may be too long. 

Instead, we recommend you start asking for that next yes right away. Here’s what we mean:

  • If they downloaded a PDF, use the last page (or spots throughout) to upsell your course, package, service, product, etc.

They’re already reading and interested, so why wait? 

  • If they gave you their email address, send them an email immediately.

Introduce yourself, talk about what they gave you their email for, and then upsell or direct them to another product, service, or experience. 

  • Add leads to a retargeting audience and show them ads aimed at converting them to buyers.

These can be dynamic ads featuring your product catalog or ads you create for a specific goal or purpose. 

facebook ad leads 2
  • If they’ve joined a free webinar, use that time to mention other items that they may find beneficial. 
  • Don’t forget to use thank you pages on your website to direct customers to more great products or resources on your site.

Actually, the ideas are endless. 

3. Invite Facebook Ad Leads to Your Facebook Group

While they’re still interested and ready to click, get them over to your Facebook Group.

facebook ad leads 3

Your Facebook group should be built out and active with a wealth of information. Here’s a great example of that.

You’ve probably experienced being really excited about a topic, page, or person you’ve come across…

…only to feel deflated when there wasn’t more than a couple of pages worth of deeper digging you can do. 

You want your audience to be able to lose themselves in this group, if they want.

Now, don’t stress out if you’re just starting a group (or don’t have one yet). You don’t need to wait until you have a ton of content to run ads.

And you shouldn’t rush to put out a bunch of mediocre content.

Just focus on publishing quality content regularly and focus on helping your audience. 

4. Convert Those Facebook Ad Leads with Video

Those retargeting ads we mentioned earlier?

You should absolutely be utilizing video when you’re reaching out to your audiences.

The internet is moving to video (from 15 seconds to hours long), pre-recorded and live, so users have very little patience for non-video content. 

Engage your leads with a video that can give them more information and invite them to:

  • purchase,
  • attend,
  • sign-up,

…or whatever your next CTA is. 

What Else Can You Do With Your Leads?

Those are 4 of our favorite strategies to use, but they’re not the only way to use and nurture leads. Here are a few more ideas: 

  • Invite captured leads to a live event (virtual or in-person). 
  • Invite leads to message you with Facebook Messenger ads.
facebook ad leads 4
  • Find leads you gathered on Facebook or on Instagram, and then encourage them to follow you there.


If you run lead ads, you need to know how to convert and engage them after they’ve shown interest. What’s your favorite method?

We’d love to hear what’s worked for you so other small businesses and digital marketers can give it a try!

But if you need more help with your leads or FB ads, check out our lead generation services or Facebook advertising services today.

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