Case study: How we generated 100+ solar leads

Hey Guys, Today in this case study I am going to share with you my expertise in Facebook ads for a solar niche. There is a client in Arizona who are looking for expert media buyers that can generate a good volume of solar leads and most important Pre-qualified leads in this competitive market. 

My client has been a bad experience with Facebook leads and the person who was working for them. He was spending thousands of dollars each month but not getting good leads for them. My client has shown me their results before starting with me. If I show you the results you will be shocked to see how terrible it was.

solar leads

Before Result

5 leads in $213.24… It means $40 per lead cost.

If you will see the image you can image yourself how bad it is… and the bad thing is these five leads 3 leads are not a homeowner and 2 leads are not properly qualified for the solar program. All in all, No leads are good for convert.

After 5 days when I started work on it…

In 10-15 days We have generated 38 leads for him and my cost per lead is $8.25. You are thinking about lead quality I know but you will be shocked that my client has confirmed 8 clients out of this leads. so there is not so much effort and talent to do this. I just focus on basic things only and the results are here. 

These are Arizona leads and the same with California. I generate 18 leads of my first day with the lead cost of $5.73. you would be thinking about my budget. I have used a $20 daily budget for it. which is not too big for solar. some other marketer would suggest you set $30 a day. but I think $20 is a nice budget for this.

I want to share with your some great quotes that he said about me after my work to boost my enthusiasm.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

My step by Step Work Process

First and most Important things that is needed to know for us to choose a object. what we Exactly want Traffic, Reach, Engagement, Leads or Conversion. In my case I want to generate quality leads for the clients. so I choose that. For Lead generation object you need to know about your Audience, who are interested to see your product and interested of buying.

This is the more crucial point for making any campaign successful or failure. Initially I had not any previous customer data for targeting the audience so I started from Scratch.

Audience: As I told you I didn’t have any previous data so I started with Interest based Targeting feature of Facebook. I use all the keywords which is related to Solar for my targeting like solar, solar panel, solar power, solar energy…..etc. but here is a problem to move on with. I am doing the same targeting audience like others. So I had to go with different to get result better.

Pro Tip: Target those audience that your competitors are not targeting.

Budget: Budget is second most important part to grow your campaign and even to defeat your competitors very well. You know what Facebook is auction and millions of people everyday take part of this auction. some of them use good budget and some of them are average or some of them or low. In my case I was allow you use maximum $15 per day for my campaign. but my competitors are using more than that even $20 or more than $30. but only budget is not essential to win this auction. So I went with $15 a day.

Pro Tip: If you have not budget issue so you have to go extra mile from your competitors. like you can set $21 if your competitor are using $20.

Creative part of my ad: This is my all time favorite function of my whole campaign and one of the main area that is needed to be excellent.

What you see is on sale

have you heard about this? of course yes, so I have worked hard more to look my ads attractive and better. There is no need to have an extra high level skills. you just need to know few basic things… what you are going to offer.

  1. – Use HD Images for your ads.
  2. Your images or video should be convey about your ads.
  3. Focus on Pain points of your audience and show them the Solution of their problem.
  4. Your Call to action should be clear for your audience.

Pro Tip: Your Headline of your ad plays a major role in your ad. so just try to more specific and use any kind of hook in your ads. For Example: Learn how you can reduce your electricity bill as little as $30/month.

solar ads

You may be thinking that I am talking about solar and in this ad you can not see any solar image. Yes I will call this ad ugly map ad. I don’t know why this ad is so working and I could generating 100+ leads in less ad spend. but It has worked for me. This emphasis on the location that we are targeting. I don’t know people likes it more. I got more than 2% CTR in this ad.

At last but not least the main question arise here is…How my client will know that how many leads are coming everyday and how can I send these leads. so here I am talking about an Automation software which is very helpful for our work is called Zapier. We have to connect our Facebook account with zapier and connect with my client google sheet. when a leads comes it redirect to my client google sheet and my client gets an instant notification about new leads. he can see the leads data their.

solar automation

Few Points that you need to understand in whole process…

  1. – Before starting any campaign just go for testing first. Don’t think and guess about your audience. Testing give you real time data and let you know which works best or not.
  2. Avoid variations with campaign too early.
  3. just be patient and let Facebook their work.
  4. focus on proper optimization of your campaign.
  5. Wait the right time until you don’t find your wining ads and then scale your campaign.

If You want to more information about this and facing issues to get leads in your business. you can schedule a call with me. here is my link…