Business Manager: Steps For Adding an Admin

Please note: You must have an Facebook Business Manager (BM) and Ad Account already set up for the instructions and screenshots below to be relevant. 

Add people to your business and grant them permission to assets in your Business Manager. These steps are for adding individual people to your BM, not partners such as other businesses. Learn more about partners in Business Manager.

Before you begin

  • Only admins can add people to your Business Manager. We recommend that you add most people as employees and only grant admin access to those who need it to perform their job.
  • Don’t add people to your BM if you don’t know them. People you don’t trust may create fake accounts and request access to your BM. If you’re unsure if a request is authentic, contact the person to confirm they initiated the request and that you’re comfortable adding them to your Business Manager.
  • Facebook never asks for access to a BM. If a business that claims it’s Facebook asks you to add them to your Business Manager, it’s not a legitimate request. We recommend that you deny the request and report it.

How to Add People to Your Facebook Business Manager

  1. Log into your BM account here

Click the Grid Menu Icon on the top left on your screen and after that, Click on “Business Settings”.

  1. On the side navigation menu, under “Users”, click “People”

4. Click the blue button next to People that says “+ Add”

  1. Type Email Address of the Person you want to add in the “Enter Email Addresses” field.

       6. Toggle “Admin access” so that it reads “ON”

business manager facebook
  1. Select the Pages and Ad accounts you want to give access to. Note: if your page and ad account doesn’t appear automatically, you may need to search for it in the search bar above.
business manager

   8. Click the blue “Invite” button at the bottom of the pop-up (see screenshot below for exact location).

Business manager invite

The person will get an invitation to join your BM in their email inbox.

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