6 Reasons You Should Start Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook gives you more opportunities to attract and connect with your target audience. These are the reasons you should advertise on Facebook.

Facebook advertising is an excellent way of engaging with your target market. Especially when there are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook.  By appearing in their newsfeed, you can attract new traffic and new customers. You can also retarget your current customers too. Here are the reasons why you really should consider advertising on Facebook. 

1. Connect With Target Market

Facebook has over one billion users and is the most popular social media platform. If you’re not already using social media to connect with people, then you should seriously consider it. 

Facebook’s popularity gives you an opportunity to attract new customers to your business and market to them. 

2. Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Advertising on Facebook can be cheaper than advertising elsewhere. Adverts in magazines and newspapers are very costly. PPC campaigns are effective but they can eat up your budget very quickly if you haven’t got a trained and experienced team watching over your account. 

When setting up your Facebook adverts, you can limit how much you want to spend and the CPC can be more cost-effective. Having adverts on Facebook is preferred by many businesses because it is cheaper compared to other forms of advertising. 

3. Use At Every Stage Of The Buyer's Journey

When it comes to inbound marketing, advertising on social media can be used to engage with people at different stages of the buyer’s journey. 

By understanding your ideal buyer persona, you can create ads that will engage with their needs and move them onto the next stage. 

Awareness: your advert can engage with the problems of your buyer persona and help them learn more about it and what they can do to solve it.

Consideration: for any contacts you’ve gained with your ‘awareness’ adverts, you can then target them with ads that offer them helpful solutions to bring them toward the decision stage.

Decision: finally, you can then create adverts that show your business is the solution they’ve been looking for and the best option. 

buyer journey facebook

You can integrate Facebook advertising into your inbound marketing strategy.

4. Demographic Targeting


One of the most popular reasons businesses advertise on Facebook is because there is a wide range of demographic targeting. If you’re a new business who does not have a contact list to retarget yet, you can start targeting brand new customers instead.

Facebook’s audience is wide. By using their advertising abilities you can target people on:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Job industry
  • Interests  

5. Remarket To Your Current Customers

An advanced targeting option is “Custom Audiences” which lets you target contacts/leads from your CRM database directly on Facebook. 

Remarketing to your current customer database gives you the chance to reconnect with customers, reminding them to come back to your business.

When you’ve got special offers, using Facebook ads is a quick and informal way of reaching out. Unlike email, adverts on Facebook are arguably less interruptive so allow more inboundy ads.

6. It's Easy To Do, Once You Understand The Tools

Another reason why you shouldn’t hesitate on using Facebook ads is the fact it’s easy to do. You’re missing out on a great way of engaging and connecting with your ideal customers if you’re not. 

However, what puts some users off using Facebook to advertise is the tools. Facebook Business Manager, Adverts Manager and Power Editor can be unnerving when you first use them. But taking the time to understand the process of creating an advert and setting up the targeting options can give you the massive benefits of advertising on Facebook.

If you don’t have the time to learn how to advertise effectively on Facebook then you should consider getting the assistance of an inbound marketing agency who manages social media advertising for their clients.